Drones and Aerial Video

Nick is an experienced and fully qualified drone pilot

Nick has extensive experience operating drones for aerial video and photography (see showreel above), as well as a range of commercial air applications where precision and consistency are key requirements.

Nick is a qualified drone pilot and drone pilot instructor, holding a CDP-C™ for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) up to 7 kg takeoff weight. The CDP-C™ is a UK qualification recognised for commercial aerial work by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, the Civil Aviation Department, and almost all aviation authorities in Europe.

The CDP-C™ allows for the application of permits in Hong Kong for commercial aerial work using drones which would otherwise be illegal under the current air regulations. In addition, Nick has third party liability insurance coverage up to HK$22 million.

In 2016, Nick founded a sister company, Dronesurvey Asia to provide precision aerial mapping, surveying and industrial inspection services to the infrastructure, construction and engineering market in Hong Kong and SE Asia. Learn more at Dronesurvey Asia.

For aerial video and photography assignments, please contact us here.