Adventures To The Edge

Groundbreaking 6-part Series for TVB Hong Kong

The second major project with Sean Lee-Davies and Activis Media, Adventures To The Edge was a groundbreaking 6-part wildlife series produced for TVB Hong Kong. The series shone a spotlight on the endangered wildlife trade, in particular the elephant and rhino, which are facing extinction because of rampant illegal poaching and trafficking to feed demand in China.

This was the first serious wildlife documentary series of its kind to be produced and commissioned by a Hong Kong-based TV station, and was produced by the same team behind Tycoon Talk series one and series two.

Adventures To The Edge was the first major environment / wildlife series Nick had worked on, looking at some of the most pressing issues we face today in terms of climate change, habitat loss, and species decline. Key species covered in the series include the elephant and ivory poaching, the rhino and rhino horn poaching, sharks and finning, and the threats to big cat species, particularly lions.

The project included an intense, 3-week shoot in Kenya, in March 2015. Nick Foxall was Director of Photography and lead cameraman for the entire Kenya shoot, visiting major conservancies and reserves, interviewing leading conservationists, and shooting much of Kenya’s impressive wildlife up close.

The Kenya section was primarily shot with Nick’s Sony PXW-FS7, with a considerable amount of footage shot in 4K and slow motion, (see this short for World Elephant Day 2015 as an example). We also shot on a Canon XF100 and Sony DSLR cameras.

During post production, Nick took on the role of senior editor, co-producer and co-scriptwriter for all six episodes. The series also included footage shot in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the Philippines.

The full series was broadcast in Hong Kong during August and September 2015. Watch the series trailer above, or contact us directly for private access to any of the full episodes.