For Her

Short Film by Valeria Riquelme

For Her is a short film by young and upcoming filmmaker, Valeria Riquelme. Just 6 minutes long, the film delivers a powerful message around rape, and how we might internalise a story and digest it, warping our perception of reality with intense emotion.

It is also about dealing with trauma. Throughout the creative process, Valeria wondered if yet another story about sexual abuse would merely dilute and get lost, becoming part of the background noise of our hectic culture. The truth is that it most probably will. But does that make it less significant?

Nick was Director of Photography and principal camera on the film, which was shot over 2 weekends in October, 2020.

For Her had its premiere in Hong Kong on the 17th July, 2021, and has gone on to be an Official Selection and winner of the Audience Choice Award at the Tokyo Lift-off Film Festival, and Honourable Mention at the London International Monthly Film Festival.

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