In January 2017 Nick completed a series of aerial drone shots for Man Made Planet: Earth from Space, a Channel 4 documentary that reveals the astonishing transformation humanity has wrought on the planet in the 45 years since the famous ‘Blue Marble’ image of Earth from space, taken by the astronauts aboard Apollo 17.

The aerial footage were part of a sequence shot in Shenzhen, one of China’s fastest growing cities, and documents the way small villages in the area, like Baishizhou, grew and eventually merged into this now sprawling metropolis of over 19m people.

A DJI Inspire 1 Pro with the X5R camera was used for the aerial shots. Additional Shenzhen night aerial shots by Andrei Voinigescu (many thanks to Andrei for letting me use his Inspire 1)! Street shots and interview by Brian McDairmant, on the Sony F5.

Big thanks to Aerial Entertainment Studios for arranging this shoot. For what is probably the world’s best aerial stock footage selection, check out the AES website.