The Story of China

Hong Kong Segment for Acclaimed BBC Series

Maya Vision 001

Nick was asked by London-based Maya Vision International to shoot footage of the Hungry Ghost Festival here in Hong Kong for their production of the Michael Wood series, The Story of China.

Hong Kong is one of the few places in China where the Festival is still practised in the traditional manner. Shot over two days, this particular Festival was held in Cheung Sha Wan, and features Cantonese Opera, Buddhist ceremonies, and various temple offerings. The Festival culminates with the burning of a huge paper effigy representing all the ghosts of ancestors.

Footage was shot on the Canon C300, and included interviews with Festival organisers and many of the locals who attend each year. Unfortunately, the footage didn’t make it into the final cut of the series.

The Story of China aired on BBC2 in the UK in the first two months of 2016, and later on PBS.