Meddling with the Media

News Segment for Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera Press Freedom 2

A series of interviews and b-roll Nick shot for Al Jazeera English, as part of their weekly Listening Post magazine programme. The subject was the decline in media freedom in Hong Kong, analysing how the press is either being pressured, or is self-censoring when it comes to certain topics on China, and particularly China’s leadership.

This was also the first time we had to shoot an interview with someone whose identity needed to be hidden. The interviewee was a local journalist who’s been tracking and writing about the Hong Kong media situation for some time, but had asked that their identity be hidden in order to protect themselves (and their colleagues) at the organisation where he/she works. Not an easy thing to set up!

This of course was an ongoing story, and today, press freedom has deteriorated considerably Hong Kong. Fortunately, newer independent news and investigative outfits have sprung up: key among them are Factwire, and Hong Kong Free Press.