Ordos Adventure Challenge

Coverage of the World's Richest Adventure Race

An account of the Ordos Adventure Challenge, the world’s richest adventure race. Working with the production team from Spontaneous Combustion there were three (sometimes four) camera teams covering the entire race over 10 days in Inner Mongolia.

The race itself was a five-day team challenge that included running, kayaking, rappelling, and mountain biking across some of Inner Mongolia’s most spectacular scenery. Locations included the mighty Yellow River, the sand dunes of The Ordos Desert, vast windswept grassland plains, and a spectacular ancient gorge.

The shoot was for two cuts: one for The Outdoor Channel in Asia, and another for CCTV. We shot everything in full-HD on Canon XF300’s, supplemented by Canon DSLRs for timelapse and other photography.

At the time, we were also one of the first crews to employ drones in China – one by Droidworx and one custom-built – from which we were able to get some truly remarkable aerial shots, many of which can be seen in the first minute or so of the preview cut above.