I'm an independent freelance cameraman, filmmaker, editor, and videographer based in Hong Kong, China. I have experience in all aspects of digital filmmaking and video production, covering everything from commercial and corporate video, interviews and ENG to documentary and narrative film projects. I'm also known to also dabble in photography and media art.

Why nickfoxall.com?

Cameras + Kit

I have available a range of cameras, from DSLR to broadcast quality Full-HD and 4K, 4:2:2 (PAL or NTSC). I also have a full equipment package, including lighting, audio and lenses. Contact me for details.

Editing + Post

Some clients want raw footage, some want a full editing package, including colour grading and titling. Either way, I'll prepare and deliver footage to a high standard, on physical media or over the Net.

Flexibility + Speed

I travel light, and work fast. I've honed a complete camera / audio / lighting / laptop package into a standard carry-on bag (tripod & light stands notwithstanding). I can be on location very quickly.

Hong Kong

I'm your ideal contact point for any shoot work in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Southern China. I've been here a long time, I travel in the region extensively, so I know my way around and how to get things done.